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We are proud to have received the 2022 Governor's Safety award at the Delaware Contractor's Association banquet on April 27th. This is the 11th year in a row that we have won this award, illustrating our strong commitment to safety.

This award honors those firms emphasizing safety while bringing distinction, skill and integrity to the construction industry. The Governor’s Safety Awards are co-sponsored by the State of Delaware’s Department of Labor and the Delaware Contractors Association.

To be eligible for consideration, companies must have an incident rate at or below the industry average for their business. EHS competes in the category – Heavy/Highway-SIC Code 16

Morgan State University has selected Eastern Highway Specialist to perform structural repairs to the Student Center Garage adjacent to the school's football stadium. The garage was built on a fill of various materials and has had a settlement issue since it was constructed about 20 years ago.

The repairs involve installing micropiles into bedrock and expansion of the structural slab that supports the stair tower in the southeast corner of the garage. Once the structure is stabilized, EHS will repair damaged concrete, brick façade, architectural glass panels and expansion joints.

Eastern Highway Specialists is in the process of completing the Maryland Transit Administration’s Repairs to Freight Rail Structures Statewide contract. This project consists of rehabilitating 12 bridges on active and inactive freight rail lines that are spread throughout the state of Maryland. The work includes grout bag slope protection, steel plating repairs, girder stiffener repairs, bearing shimming, railroad bridge timber cross tie replacement, steel girder painting, overhead bridge deck spall repairs, bearing pedestal repairs, fence installation, and bridge railing repairs. The contract will be ongoing until June of 2023.

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