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I95 and 896 Interchange Project

Wagman job.png

EHS recently began work as a subcontractor to Wagman Heavy Civil, the General Contractor  on a $224 million DELDOT project to improve safety and reduce congestion on the heavily traveled I95 and 896 Interchange.   We are responsible for repair and rehabilitation work on five of the bridges along I-95.  Our scope of work includes expansion joint replacement, deck overlays, extending an existing railroad tunnel, and widening existing structures to allow for additional lanes. EHS is excited to be part of this high priority project.

Morgan State University Parking Garage


EHS nears completion on a project with Morgan State University in Baltimore to repair a parking garage in the heart of the campus. Since its construction in 2011, the foundation has been sinking, with the settlement causing the building to lean.  If left uncorrected, the structural integrity of the entire building would eventually be in jeopardy. We are working closely with the university to stabilize the structure by pouring a new foundation around 17 micropiles underneath the building.  This has corrected the lean and will allow the University to maintain use of the parking garage for well into the future. 

Rehab of Woodland Beach Bridge in Smyrna, DE


Since April, EHS has been tasked with the repair of the Woodland Beach bridge over Duck Creek. We are focused on repairs to the deck and bridge structure, including spall and bridge pier repairs, and installing fiberglass pile jackets.

The contract also includes removal of struts which in this class is unusually complex, given that much of the work area is under thirty feet of water in a tidal zone. 

Bucks County Bridges 270 & 279

EHS was low bidder on two Bucks County projects earlier this year. These projects are now underway and include the superstructure replacement of  BR 279, West Road Road and the complete replacement of BR 270 Roudenbush Road. Beam removal has taken place at the Bridge 279 location. 

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