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Pencader Pedestrian Bridge, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

University of Delaware's Pencader Pedestrian Bridge was constructed by EHS from 2005-2006. The bridge, described in UD press as "unifying the campus," connects North Campus to the main UD Campus. The bridge spans a valley and was constructed at the same time as a new dormitory complex was built on the UD North Campus. EHS was contracted to build the piers and abutments which required our expertise in forming and pouring large concrete structures. The project was completed ahead of schedule and well within the University's budget.


One interesting aspect of the project was the prismatic pylons at the tops of each pier. This design presented a constructability challenge to the crews at EHS. It was decided to precast these pieces at our shop site and erect in the field. EHS showed their versatility in masonry techniques by performing this precast work in-house, rather than a speciality subcontractor, as is often the case. See the photos above for a start to finish glance at this immense project. 

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