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BR 1-577 on N050 Northeast Boulevard over Brandywine River

In 2019, Eastern Highway Specialists won a $3 million DELDOT project to rehabilitate DelDOT Bridge 1-577 on Northeast Boulevard, just off 12th Street over the Brandywine River, a key connector along the eastside of Wilmington and is a direct connector from I-495 to downtown Wilmington and local neighborhoods.  


Built in 1932, it needed major structural repairs as well as an upgrade to the intersections on either side of the bridge. The project focused on expanding the capacity of the bridge to pave the way for the ongoing I-95 Viaduct project.   


demo phase.jpg
demo phase 2

The major task for this project included removing and replacing six deteriorated concrete beams. The removal of the existing beams required a 500 Ton crane situated on the bridge structure. This required a full structure analysis of this nearly 100 year old bridge.

Other key improvements called for the replacement of 34 bridge bearings. This required a jacking system capable lifting 1.6 million pounds  in order to raise the entire deck at one time. During the project it was discovered that the existing bridge joints were heavily deteriorated and required replacement. This additional work was completed successfully by our jobsite team.


Because of the success of this project, the structure will be able to handle increased traffic for at least another 30 years.  

deck placement ne blvd.jpg
NE blvd photo 3.jpg
NE Blvd photo 4.jpg

The project on this historic bridge required close coordination between the City of Wilmington, DELDOT and local elected officials.  And by chance, during the project, we happened to find a picture that was taken in 1932, the day the bridge was opened, of those officials who had a hand in building the original bridge. As the project closed out, those who took place in its rehabilitation 87 years later, gathered to recreate the picture. 

ehs bridge pic.png
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