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PENNDOT Covered Bridges Rehabilitation

The $3,201,652.00 rehabilitation of three covered bridges for PENNDOT was completed in 2017. Work on Rapps Dam Covered Bridge, Knox Covered Bridge in Valley Forge National Hisoric Park, and Speakman's Covered Bridge are now complete. All three bridges have historic value, dating back to the 1800s. Therefore, care was taken to maintain as many of the original timbers as possible. New timberwork was subcontracted to Lancaster County Timbers, who specialize in covered bridge carpentry. The stone masonry featured many of the original stones used in the original structure, completed by Dan Gallagher of Delaware. 

Interestingly, the Knox and Rapps Dam Covered Bridge required an emergency repairs after tractor-trailers took out one of the wingwalls and a portion of the historic woodwork. EHS worked together with PENNDOT and Lancaster County Timbers to develop a solution while maintaining the historical integrity of the timberwork.

EHS was awarded the Delaware Contractors Association 2017 Historic Preservation Award for the skilled preservation techniques applied throughout this project. 


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