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Route 13 over Baylor Boulevard, New Castle, DE

The Baylor Boulevard project called for the removal of DelDOT Bridge 665, Route 13 over Baylor Boulevard near New Castle, Delaware. EHS crews began this job in late 2013 and completed in 2015.The bridge  was replaced with an earthen fill and hot-mix roadway,  with a precast pedestrian tunnel below. Working from the bottom, fill was placed above the tunnel until equipment could no longer operate under the bridge. Then began the most challenging part of this project - the task of removing both bridges and completing the roadway, all within the span of one weekend per bridge. This work was successfully completed in a two weekend road closure during the month of October.


During this closure, EHS crews worked around the clock to complete a substantial amount of work in a short period of time. Check out the video below, showing the extent of the bridge removal process from start to finish. This video shows the work done on the southbound side of the bridge. The process was carried out on both sides of the bridge in separate weekends.

Time-sensitive bridge work such as what was called for in this project has become a staple of the project portfolio at EHS. The quality performance during this project was recognized by the Delaware Contractor's Association's Construction Excellence Award for 2016.

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